About Broadmoor

In May of 1953 a group of believers who lived in the Broadmoor community started the Bible study that was to become Broadmoor Baptist Church. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit the work was co-sponsored by Little River Baptist Church where the group originated, the Miami Baptist Association, and the Florida Baptist Convention.

On September 13 1959, after acquiring the existing property and erecting the building that currently houses the day-care, Broadmoor Baptist Church was officially incorporated. Hence our annual anniversary celebration and revival services on that date.

Broadmoor has seen it's share of pastors and perhaps the most notable, alhough he would not say so, was Reverend Tom Thompson. Pastor Tom as he is still fondly called, came to Broadmoor when there were less than a dozen members. Through his faithfullness and dedication to his calling the church started growing again to become the multi-national church it is today. After fifteen years of service to the Lord at Broadmoor Pastor Tom was called to pastor West Flagler Baptist Church in Miami.

Today's pastor, Artemio G. Burns was ordained at Glendale Baptist Church in Richmond Heights and took oversight of Broadmoor on August 1, 1999. Pastor Burns will be the first to tell you that he serves purely by God's unmitigated grace and mercy. He believes that the church has a tri-fold mandate to love God, love one another, and teach others to do the same. (See scripture references Matthew 22:36-40 and Matthew 28:18-20) To this end he dedicates himself to preaching and teaching the unadulterated Word of God.

Both biblically and organizationally, Broadmoor was a properly planted work of God and despite the shrinking membership of the sixties and the current economic hardships He has continously maintained the ministry. We give Him all the glory for the privilege of being a part of His ongoing work in this community.

Broadmoor Baptist Church remains faithful to our Christ-centered principles as expressed in the Holy Bible and stated in The Baptist Faith and Message. Broadmoor is a member of the Miami Baptist Association and is affiliated with The Florida Babtist Convention and The Southern Baptist Convention. To read The Baptist Faith and Message please go to the link in the sidebar under Statement of Faith.